There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that your guest will be reminiscing about how great your event was for months and years to come, and your very own photo booth can make that a reality. By booking our photo booth you can provide your guest with an interactive session which will not only keep them entertained, but ensure that all your wonderful memories are captured. With a range of lively  and personalized themes to choose from your event will definitely be special and unique. Added to this we also offer a physical copy option which can be a great party favour for guest or tucked away in a photo album for future memories


Having a good MC at your event is a detail that is often overlooked but maybe way more important than you think. While MCs formally take on the role of setting the right tone for your function they also play an instrumental part in ensuring that the flow of your event, will ensure your wedding is elegant and glitch-free. The quality of our MC we will recommend will supersedes your expectations. By providing us with key details of your events we ensure that the personality and energy of our MC match that of your event, thus ensuring that the atmosphere at your party is delightful for your audience from the first speech to the last dance.


While it may seem simple a projector and screen combination at your event can utilize technology to provide an unforgettable experience for your guest. Whether it be to play an embarrassing childhood video of your spouse at a wedding, a projector and screen serve as a great way to keep your audience entertained and informed. At Soul O Bliss we make it our duty to regularly do check-ups on our equipment with the goal of ensuring that there are no mishaps with the equipment at your function.


Would you like to travel with your favorite DJ? He'll not be able to travel with his equipment on a plane. You have the option of renting the required equipment from us. We will also be present on the day to ensure everything goes smoothly.